We have grown quickly to be one amongst the leading construction companies of choice in its fields of expertise within its area of operations. This success has been based on the ability to offer the highest quality service at a competitive price in a reasonable time frame, coupled with a willingness to embrace technological and social developments to provide “best fit” solutions.
TrevoTech has been awarded the best Contractor of the year 2009 as a representative of all companies of class III to V of which three were local contractors while one was a foreign contractor, it was during the occasion of 10 years of Contractors Registration Board (CRB) anniversary.


The entire management , Engineers and Supervisory team of TrevoTech Contractors & General Supplies Co. Ltd is encouraged to consider any problems that may arise during the course of a project as an opportunity to demonstrate the company’s innovativeness in conjunction with their partners from the Client and the Consultant.

Future Project
  • Project type : Interstate Road network
  • Client : Government
Completed Projects